Huawei will begin selling the phone Mate X the end of the month of October

After postponing thrown this phone several times it seems that Huawei is serious this time in asking her new phone to the network flexible collapsible Mate X in the Chinese market end of October as the reports from China.

According to the source, the device entered the stage of mass production already and Huawei on the to expect in the divorce quickly and after that over the phone several processes for improvement on the appearance of its outer and even inner cutting gear in addition to software.

Been centred improvements Huawei on two primary factors the first is to follow the screen and accept its folding repeated the other thing it depends on the developers and support for the device applications as well as user interface EMUI itself and the extent of their applicability with a screen this size, especially from small screen to large.

On the other side will put up two versions of the phone first processor Kirin 990 and is expected to support 5G the second is the working version with a processor Kirin 880 is expected to be priced at slightly less than the main women.


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