Huawei Watch GT.. leaked conversation reveals the hours Huawei expected

A recent report holds image leaked, reveal the latest hours Huawei expected, which may be officially announced late this month, what are the specifications of this smart watchis?

Watch my Huawei

Huawei Watch GT.. تسريب حديث يكشف عن ساعات هواوي المنتظرة

The company announced the Huawei before, for hours Watch GT, with the advent of phone for Huawei Mate 20 Pro, including download of a modern operating system is known as a Light OS, today highlights a recent report features two hours Huawei, which bear the same name Watch GT.

Detection report of site WinFuture on the new diversion, illustrates the form of an hour my GT from Huawei, where the first name Huawei Watch GT Active, in asking the name of the Huawei Watch GT Elegant to the other coast, as the last report explained.

It seems clear that there are some differences between the latest version hours Watch GT from Huawei, and the previous version for smart watches, where he designed the buttons and the hours are very different and enjoy, are in the colors orange and gray are not supported also.


Confirms the recent report by WinFuture that the versions of Huawei latest smart watches, you’ll get all the same screen representative of the OLED, the 1.39 inches, with the knowledge that H GT Active coming in black and white.

As for prices, hours Huawei smartphone, while the value is the price لـHuawei Watch GT currently at 199 pounds for the sport, and 229 pounds of the other classics, the report refers to the price of the modern version of women Active will to about 249 £ 229 £ for other Elegant.

Company was Samsung ‘s other has revealed the specifications of the latest hours of her smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Active, since a short period, at the time caught the Apple low hours smart, download specifications sufficient to impress lovers of modern devices all.

In the end, it seems surprising the leadership of Huawei company issued two different versions of the previous Latest own, especially considering the leaked images, what requires to wait until the official unveiling of these smart watches through the establishment of the conference of the P30 associated, in the 26th of March in the French capital Paris.

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