Huawei was taught a foldable display Mate X to heal scratches

The low level of reliability is one of the main reasons, apart from the higher prices, because of which the users refuse to buy foldable smartphones. Yes, as long as the range of devices with such a design is not particularly wide, but even if he had grown several times more likely to buy the device, most likely, would not. But this is understandable, because few people agree to pay that kind of money for the right to participate in the beta program with the risk of accidentally damage the display expensive gadget, which remain even fingernails. Fortunately, Huawei has figured out how to get rid of this shortcoming in his Mate X.

Huawei Mate X can self-heal scratches on the display

Despite the fact that the official reason for the delayed launch of Huawei Mate X is the company’s desire to conduct additional testing, colleagues from ETNews reported that it is not so. In fact, the company postponed the release of the smartphone in almost six months due to the fact that he decided to put on display a special self-healing coating. It is a transparent polyamide layer, the development of which involved the South Korean company Kolon Industries. Thanks to him, the display will automatically heal minor scratches and abrasions that occur during use.

How to remove scratches on the display

Huawei became the first company which managed to teach your smartphone to self-heal scratches. One of the first such experiment was conducted by LG, which caused a similar coating on the rear of the back curved LG G Flex. Tests showed that it really minimizes the damage, though not getting rid of them completely. However, for some unknown reason the company decided to abandon further use of this technology, making it an exclusive feature of the devices of the line G Flex.

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Of course, since LG stopped production of the smartphone G Flex with self-healing coating, technology has moved far ahead. But count on the fact that the display Huawei Mate X will be able to heal any serious damage is clearly not worth it. Most likely, all that will be under the power of the smartphone, is the recovery after causing small scratches that appear in the process of operation. However, it is still better than nothing.

As protected display Huawei Mate X

And the protection of the display of the Huawei Mate X, I must say, need. The fact that Huawei, in contrast to Samsung, decided to hide the folding mechanism inside, and the display to bring out what he will always be in danger of damage. In fact, any careless action like a strike or contact of the display with something hard or sharp can damage it, not to mention the fact that he probably will constantly RUB against a jacket pocket or hanging out in a bag with other things, as to wear a smartphone in the pants will be quite hard.

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Huawei Mate X will go on sale in China on November 15 at a price of $ 2,400. This is almost a quarter more expensive than the Galaxy Fold, which Samsung was estimated in 1979 dollars. According to rumors, Huawei planned to launch a more affordable version with a smaller memory capacity and without support 5G. But whether the rumors were false, whether stripped-down modification was not ready to date, but the first time in retail you will meet only the classic version Mate X processor Kirin 980 and 8/512 GB of memory.

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