Huawei unveils two new hours Watch GT

Having revealed a series P30 leader, revealed Huawei’s two new hours Watch GT.

Hours Watch GT Active larger, the value of 64 mm and 1.39 inch for Strictly 454×454 pixels, hours Watch GT Elegant screen for 1.2 inch accurately 390 x 390 pixels.

Got two hours on improvements to the design, including the buttons next to the framework steel decorative stainless.

And side the most prominent in a couple of hours is the battery life, burying my Huawei resilience model Active until the full two weeks, while the last model Elegant for one week; according to the ordinary usage, which includes wearing the watch all day to track heart rate and sleep, the tracker sports activities for 90 minutes per week, and activate notifications. Either use it as a regular, you can lengthen the battery life to a full month.

The special watches feature a fitness tracker before, Classic and Sport, in addition to develop a new sport called “triathlon”, for an athlete like a marathon, but it involves three activities: “swimming, cycling and running”. Will the model Watch GT the oldest on the situation within the update software in the future.

There are premium options to customize from a range of bracelets featured can be purchased; a are orange and dark green for Active, and black and white for the Elegant, as there are several faces, the user can change between them. Will be available hours Watch GT Active at a price of 249 euros (1054 SAR), which will be available to Watch GT Elegant at a price of 229 euros (969 SR).

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