Huawei unveils to hear their new wireless FreeLace

هواوي تكشف عن سماعاتها اللاسلكية الجديدة هواوي FreeLace

Huawei unveiled yesterday on the latest versions of wireless headsets Huawei FreeLace, which represent a model different from what we have seen him both to design unique or Iran separated the two speakers from each other to do the shipping of the phone itself through the USB port of Type C, or even merged into each other by magnets on the back of the headset and use it to broadcast soothing music without having to put them in the ears, or even facilitate suspension in the neck in the event of cessation of use.

According to air, the sky can enable for 18 hours of continuous playback music on a single charge, while in the case of contacts, you’ll be in 12 hours of work as for the process of charging it, it doesn’t take a lot of time in the case of charging them for 5 minutes only it can serve its owner for a period of 4 hours thanks to the fast charging technology.

It is the features that enjoy the Huawei FreeLace is resistant to water and sweating according to IPX5, as to provide a number of far easier for the user to handle and provide her with a unique experience, and noting they are combined automatically via Bluetooth with the Huawei devices and working with the latest version of its interface EMUI 9.1.

Will Huawei to hear it in multiple colors compatible consumer tastes and colors of the last versions of its phones in introduction Huawei P30, will be the price FreeLace market 112 USD.

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