Huawei unveils phone of its P30 وP30 Pro with optical zoom high

هواوي تكشف النقاب عن هاتفيها P30 وP30 Pro مع تقريب بصري عالي

As anticipated, raising the Huawei has unveiled a series P30 phone her P30 وP30 Pro with the advantages of large concentration of high-quality performance of the camera, where her phone last brought with him the technique of rounding up to 50 x a very big number compared to the phones available in the market currently.

Enjoy the phones design characteristic as is customary with Huawei phones, where the screen fill the screen almost with a bump up in the center of the screen on The Shape of a teardrop, in come the cameras back in length on the left and next to it Flash.

My 30 – P30

Speaking of phone P30 it is to enjoy a OLED screen, clearly FHD+ accurately 2340×1080 and measuring 6.1 inches with a fingerprint embedded in it, and has dimensions of 19:5:9 with the technique of the DCI-P3 and HDR for photos after the best, as well as less energy consumption.

As for the camera, they come with 3 lenses background accurately 8 megapixel type tele iPhoto with aperture shutter f/2.4, the lens is very wide LED 16-megapixel camera with aperture shutter f/2.2, and the other Strictly 40 megapixel wide opening of the shutter aperture of f/1.8. In comes the front camera is strictly 32-megapixel camera.

Will be available P30 processor with Kirin 980, which represents the best processors Huawei, RAM with a capacity of 6 GB with the internal storage space of 128 GB can be increased via external memory cards.

And phone water resistant and dust to standard IP68 supports port Sky traditional, also comes with a price $ 3,650 Milli amp supports fast charging. Besides coming with Android system 9.0 user interface, EMUI 9.1. Will be available in black, twilight, sunset, and white.

My 30 pro – P30 Pro

Enjoy the phone P30 Pro pogo OLED screen clearly FHD+ accurately 2340×1080 with fingerprint compact and as with the previous phone, but the screen comes $ 6.47 inches. It also comes curved parties on the lines of Samsung phones and reversing the previous version.

Viewed on the camera, they with 4 lenses background of the first, 20 MP very wide girl shutter f/2.2, and the second lens wide accurately 40 mega pixel camera with aperture shutter f/1.6, then the lens tele photo zoom hybrid 5×, 10× and accurately 8 megapixel and shutter f/3.4, and the fourth is with the sensor light for the ToFالعميق. The front camera will be similar to the Phone Arena and strictly 32-megapixel camera. And the phone mode for the night in the video helps to improve the lighting and capture clips with high quality, it also provides imaging technology dual video using a normal lens and lens rounding.

Will P30 Pro processor with Kirin 980 as was the case with the previous version, but it will add the RAM memory capacity of 8 GB space of internal storage three options; 128, 256 and 512 GB, with the possibility raised by the external memory cards.

The phone is available with a battery with a capacity of 4,200 Milli-amp supports wireless charging strongly 15 watts with the feature of reverse charging, as well as fast shipping strongly 40 watts. It also comes with the property of resistance to water and dust to standard IP68 user interface, EMUI 9.1. Will become the color black, sunset, Crystal, twilight, and white.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei has brought a feature phone it allows the use of them as an alternative to the concept of modern cars, but it will be available with Audi only at the current time.

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