Huawei unveils phone its possible to P30 Pro with a zoom of 5 times with technically sophisticated

Huawei announced today on the phone P30 Pro largest version in the series P30, where comes the size of 6.47 in the AMOLED screen, also supports technology zoom Parthenon up to 5 times.

P30 Pro -

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Comes phone P30 Pro camera Brazil with the support of the production of images 8 mega pixel camera and repeat up to 5 times, with a focal length up to 125 mm, the phone also supports the feature of optical stabilization for still images and recording video, has also been upgraded to other cameras of the phone in collaboration with Leica, to support this version features exclusive.

Comes sensor the main camera phone is strictly 40 mega pixel camera, with the technology of Huawei to filter colors RYYB, which supports higher performance in low light shooting, with higher level in the optical, with slot lens f/1.6.

It also comes sensor second camera accurately 20 mega pixel camera with lenses, wide-angle 16 mm, features auto-focus, the camera the rear sensor ToF, which comes with a top with several layers in depth photography to depict the bokeh effects characteristic colors and details of the more realistic, the phone also supports zoom Hybrid up to 10 times.

Phone screen P30 Pro special, size 6.47 inch AMOLED screen, it also comes equipped with fingerprint built-in screen, with a resolution width of 1080 in the screen.


I know of

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