Huawei unlock calculator MateBook X Pro Saudi Arabia

MateBook X Pro

MateBook X Pro

Huawei launched the latest eyebrows portable MateBook X Pro in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which features a full FullView-Display multi-touch, which does not contain the camera and any things that may warp the attention.

The computer MateBook X Pro the first laptops to feature “full screen slideshow” FullView Display of Huawei. It features a computer touch screen with a diameter of 13,9 inches and a width of 3K with support 10 points touch, accompanied by a reported accuracy of 3000×2000 pixels, while the ratio of length to width for 3:2, making it the perfect choice to display content.

The design of the metal structure elegant computer high-precision, high smoothness and high thickness of the very few which amounts to 14,6 mm only, add that to the weight of the light that reaches 1,33 kg, which makes carrying it very easy.

And integrates elegant design with high-level performance. Is based on the computer in his outstanding performance to third generation Intel Core processors, both the i7 and i5, to the side of the unit processing graphics of طرازnVidia GeForce MX150 memory GDDR5 memory of 2 GB, which makes it one of the most powerful laptops the weight in the markets.

And provide the present system embodies the sound of modern Dolby Atmos, which allows the experiences of immersive sound to the splendor of Dolby Atmos sound speakers specially designed to correspond with him.

And the device’s battery capacity 57,4 watt per hour (capacity model) – besides the consumption of low energy – work for 12 hours of continuous playback video presentations accurately p1080, or for 14 hours of regular work, or for 15 hours of web browsing.

Provided Huawei calculator by a lot of innovative technologies, Special of its laptops with the aim of providing experiences of the use of series. As is the case with the rest of the computers MateBook, supplied the company a computer case in the second version of the button operating high-speed that allows the user to start working through 7,8 seconds after you turn on the computer, 6,6 seconds from hibernation Hibernation.

Moreover, it is characterized by computer MateBook X Pro go Camera the world is fitted inside the keyboard with a view to do it with ease. All the user needs to do is Press the button that includes a camera to fit to the top, which ensures the highest levels of privacy when not in use. And integrates it optimally with the additional space the company FullView Display.

And link transport, a multi-purpose charging port USB-C which is widely used in smart phones, which means that he can use only one charger when traveling and thus enhance the ease of transfer computer.

It is through the development of the transport protocol, high-speed feature provides Huawei Share users the ability to share images and files on a fast, easy and secure, without any problems caused by the use of memory modules Portable USB. And the speed of the wireless transfer in computers to 20 megabits per second, it is faster by 100 times as compared with the technique of “Bluetooth” wireless.

Computer MateBook X Pro is available in the Saudi market have jarir bookstore exclusive memory of 8 GB and the third generation of processors Intel Core i5 Silver mutagens at the price of 5,999 SAR, which is also available issuing the supports 16 GB of memory as the third generation of processors Intel Core i7 in grey and is priced at 6,999 SAR.

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