Huawei trained to use the system Sailfish OS instead of its own operating system

Jolla Sailfish os

As a result of the trade embargo, which was imposed upon it by the American government, has become the company Huawei is able to use Android with Google services and Play Services which includes Google Play Store on its smart phones of the future. This means that the police need to search elsewhere for an alternative operating system.

Indicated the initial rumors indicate that Huawei is developing its own operating system which carries the name of the HongMeng OS or Ark OS, an operating system which is recently rumored that he will be released in the month of October next, but sources familiar with the matter stating that Huawei included another alternative for the Android system, which is the Sailfish OS.

In fact, Huawei will not use the system Sailfish OS Raw, instead, it will be used to copy off of this system called Aurora OS which is still based on the kernel Linux. Reportedly, he has discussed the CEO of Huawei, Mr. Guo Ping, the possibility of using the operating system Aurora OS in Phones Huawei future with Mr. Konstantin Noskov, who held the post of Minister of development of digital communications and media in Russia. In fact, the company Huawei is already on the test system Aurora OS in some of its organs, at least according to the content of the new report released today.

However, not issued any official statement by any of the parties, so there is currently no way to confirm whether these new rumors are true or not.

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