Huawei told what will be its future smartphones

Chinese smartphone maker Huawei apparently succumbed to the trend set by Samsung with its Galaxy Quad-A9 scheduled the launch of its branded devices with the same number of PV modules and 10 x optical zoom. This statement was made President in the consumer sector Huawei’s Western European region Walter JI. According to him, such models will be few and they will come in retail sale in 2019.

“Next year, consumers will see more innovative technologies in the field of mobile shooting, — said a top Manager in an interview with AndroidPit. — We already have smartphones with three cameras, and imagine that next year their will be four. In addition, it is clear to us that three – and five-fold increase is clearly not enough, but ten times zoom for a smartphone is something truly unique! We do a lot of research in this area, preparing for you a new surprise.”

How to change the price of Huawei smartphones

However, said JI, one should not expect that these smartphones will be available. According to him, Huawei realize that the cheap tools are a priori unable to provide a positive user experience. For this reason the company has decided to give priority to smartphones from the premium price segment, as they will be able to offer consumers something that will be able to surprise them.

Modern technologies require enormous effort from the developers and, as a consequence, huge financial investments, says JI. However, he stresses, it’s worth it. Take the technology of flexible displays that Huawei plans to use in its future smartphones, or support of networks of the fifth generation, which will appear on the market. “5G technology will allow you to forget about the download, because all content will be available without delay directly in the cloud”, — summed up JI.

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