Huawei the use of intelligence what 10 Pro to lead the Porsche

Can Huawei its concerns with artificial intelligence to the world of driverless cars, where the company announced that it use a smart phone with artificial intelligence to drive a car. She said Huawei in the framework of the project were they use a what 10 Pro to recognize things and distinguish between thousands of different species including dogs, cats, balls, bicycles, and on track car. He said Chinese technology giant that, unlike the rest of driverless cars, which simply reveal the obstacles, about Huawei a Porsche Panamera to a car without a driver you understand well all the things surrounding it. Has been to embed the capabilities of automatic recognition on the things in the phone company’s flagship it 10 Pro to improve your photography, and Huawei that this technology can be used in the work of other non-imaging instead of relying on the services of other independent doing the same thing. And she needed the police for five weeks to achieve this feat where you installed the smartphone on the screen of driving to do to get to know the things surrounding the car and the empowerment of self-driving, the police released a video review the How to become phone what 10 Pro is the first smart phone can be from self-driving cars. Signed Huawei in the month of last December a strategic agreement with Chinese search engine giant Baidu to build an open system based on artificial intelligence covering the platform technology and Internet services, and content. Will be building the ecosystem key to using the platform HiAI of the Huawei unit, The processing of the neural network (NPU), systems Baidu PaddlePaddle and Baidu Brain for deep learning, which include Baidu services and allows developers to take advantage of this technology. Under this partnership, we will work Baidu and Huawei also improve voice and image recognition on smart devices, building software that uses artificial intelligence, as the two companies will work on development of autonomous driving and autonomous vehicles and take advantage of the large base of the customers of Huawei.

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