Huawei talking the competitors submit themselves to the scrutiny like

A company called Huawei, which says it has strengthened investment in security products amid questions raised by some Western countries about its contacts with the potential support of China, its counterparts of public officials to follow suit by increasing the transparency of national security issues.

Explained Gao Ping Guo Ping, chairman of the board of Directors of the company alternately, that Huawei is the main provider of the only communications equipment that does not guarantee the integrity and reliability of its products, but also allows the authority of the British regulatory review and test of code source to ensure safety.

He said: “We have removed borders in the industry to ensure that the products that have been tested not only safe, but also the development processes of the entire reliable as well.”

“That’s why we open the code source for the test, I think that through this practice we set an example to the whole industry, hoping to control resellers others with us and they do not lag behind”.

Comments came Gao Ping after the fifth annual report of the supervisory board at Huawei’s products HCSEC, a body created to monitor the products offered by the company that the Shenzhen-based company British Telecom.

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The report issued several days ago to it has been identified further technical problems important in engineering operations of Huawei, which may lead to new risks in the telecom networks in the country.

The report said that the supervisory board not only provides specific guarantees that the security risks are long-term can be managed in the equipment of Huawei in Britain.

But the National Center for cyber-security in Britain NCSC, which is headed by the board of control HCSEC, he said that he did not believe that the identified defects are the result of state intervention to the Chinese.

In response to the findings of the report of HCSEC, said chairman of the board of Huawei alternately: “for we are Chinese company, we have chosen to work with the British to carry out tests stricter and harder on our products to make sure that the results of the operations our products are safe”.

He added that Huawei had agreed on a budget of US $ 2 million additional to enhance the capacity software.

He explained that the record of network security Huawei was the best in this area over the last thirty years.

He invited his counterparts to strengthen security standards for products, equipment and their communication in order to achieve a comprehensive improvement in the security of the entire telecommunications industry.

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