Huawei subjected to users the dangers due to Google services

There are not many ways to install Google services on Android smartphones, not having the proper license. Almost all of them involve obtaining root-rights that are solved far not all users. It was therefore quite logical that Huawei refused the special presets installer that would be loaded on non-certified devices service the search giant. However, the happiness of users in the Network appeared tool LZPlay, which set the Google services on the flagship Mate Mate 30 and 30 Pro, without committing a dangerous or unlawful actions. I wonder why?

Huawei has subjected its users to danger. And all because of Google services

How to install Google services

To install the Google services using LZPlay, there were enough set of simple manipulations:

  • Open the browser and go to the website (not applicable);
  • To load the package with the services Google Play;
  • Install the APK file, follow the instructions on the screen;
  • To log in using your Google account.

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Yes, just like that. The described method does not require getting root or unlocking bootloader. But the most amazing thing about him is that all the Google services that are set this way to work quite regularly without any glitches. Even Google Pay, which is usually incompatible with smartphones which are not certified to use Google Mobile Services, allows you to pay by contactless on any compatible terminal.

What is the danger of installing Google services

Developer John Wu decided to find outhow it happened so that the tool LZPlay allowed to install the Google services to incompatible phones. In the process of studying the situation, he learned that LZPlay involves a number of specific privileges that open access to the add-in Mobile Device Management, responsible for managing the devices. But because third-party developers could access it on their own because they required the signature of the manufacturer, it appears that Huawei itself and signed LZPlay.

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After some time, when it became clear that LZPlay not as simple as it seems, all agreed that it is a malicious application that could be used by hackers to gain control of vulnerable devices. Anybody and in a head could not come that she Huawei authorized the installation of Google services via LZPlay and perhaps themselves participated in the creation of this tool. In the end, her side would be illogical not to even try to take any steps to ensure its users access to services by the search giant.

Why Huawei banned the installation of Google services

It would seem, so what? But according to Wu, so Huawei has put its user in serious danger. After all, if a third party developer could get control of the device, there is no guarantee that he would not use these privileges and not tried to steal the confidential data of the victim. As such, given the unscrupulousness of many developers, is quite a standard practice. Fortunately, Huawei just changed his mind and shut it down, leaving users without Google services, but in relative safety.

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