Huawei strengthened its position in the forefront of the global brands, I spent $ 45 million on innovation

Confirmed Huawei Huawei, the technology company the world leader, once again its capacity superior global technologies, through their success in maintaining their ranking as the second largest seller of smart phones in the world for the second consecutive time during the second quarter of this year, according to data published by IDC market research according to the tracker the numbers of the quarter sector of the Mobile World.

Topping the group of Huawei Consumer Business Today’s racing innovations in the smart phone industry, after stepped into ranked sixth in the world in the field of research and development, amounting to spending in this area of about $ 45 million over the last ten years, of which 13.23 million spent during the past year alone.

Managed Huawei to gain the confidence of consumers in the Middle East and Africa launched smart phones carry in her heart from the innovations and advantages exceed their expectations and offers them the appropriate process technologies and the future maintain the highest levels of security and stability.

Shine star company, Huawei as quick as the leading companies put the highest priority on maintaining the security of its customers and their safety, as well as the developed chip artificial intelligence AI and their integration in its mobile phones, and most of the credit goes to its commitment to pioneering research and development through its extensive network of centers, research and development, which currently comprises 14 centres for research and development, 36 Center for co-innovation and 45 training centres throughout the world.

The increase in consumer demand to rely on the artificial intelligence technology in the different sectors to the growing dominance of devices that benefit in the information technology sector, because they provide times faster response and to its functions effectively the top of the show offers unparalleled visual. To this end, Huawei made in her smart phone HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro in the year 2018, the chip Kirin 980, the first chip artificial intelligence points of the plant depending on the process productivity of the rank of 7 nm and represents the best engine to run the next generation of mobile applications productivity and entertainment developer to provide the highest levels of performance to consumers.

Represent Huawei rapport smartphone the fastest growing brand in the Middle East and Africa, according to market research firm got sorter knowledge, published in August 2018, the share of group of Huawei Consumer Business in the smartphone market in the region is 21.5%, what sends its position as the second largest company to sell smartphones in the Middle East and Africa.

And brand Huawei ranked 79 globally in the Forbes magazine’s list of top valuable brands around the world, an example of the ingenuity of innovation which operate a range of Huawei’s consumer business -thanks to its technology leader in providing artificial intelligence to the smartphone – on shaping the future of smart phones become tools more intelligent in understanding the needs of users and provide the best benefits of staying connected through the network.

Characterized by Huawei Technologies and has ownership of its a powerful system and is designed to provide innovations to the smart phones of the next generation is unmatched and evaluation of users, this time to indulge fully in today’s digital world evolving constantly and by large investments in the field of artificial intelligence and commitment to innovation, moved Huawei of free smart phones to phones, acute intelligence through the development of components and techniques that undermine governance-backed artificial intelligence is granted to the user experience smarter and faster performance within the safe, very stable for consumers in the region.

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