Huawei started testing of smartphone based on a completely new OS from Google

Huawei could become world’s first smartphone manufacturer, who refuses to use Android in favor of a new operating system from Google, deciding to neglect even the project’s own software platform. As the resource 9To5Google, citing Gerrit, the Chinese vendor already started testing Fuchsia OS on a slot machine Honor Play, which was released in early autumn. This information was confirmed by one of the engineers of Huawei.

According to him, the developers do Google and Huawei are working together on an adaptation of Fuchsia OS processor Kirin 970. True, said an engineer involved in the project, at this stage it is too early to talk about Fuchsia as a full-fledged operating system. Rather, the latest product from Google can be called experimental platform, is still far from being able to form the basis of modern smartphones and provide them with comparable Android functionality.

Fuchsia — what is it

Fuchsia is a project of the new operating system from Google, the distinctive feature of which is the versatility. Unlike Android, Fuchsia may be software based not only on smartphones and tablets, but even desktop computers and smart electronics, including devices that support the Internet of things. And although Google does not hide the fact that the development of new platforms, the company is not seeking to advertise their achievements in this area.

Operating system from Huawei

The interest of Huawei in the development of the Fuchsia looks rather strange on the background of the manufacturer plans to release its own operating system. Despite the fact that in the near future, Huawei has no plans to abandon Android, the participation in the adaptation of new OS from Google imposes on the vendor a certain commitment, which further can prevent the transfer of proprietary Huawei-branded smartphones on the same platform.

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