Huawei start system test “his” substitute Android

Detect a new change in the code to the programme of Gerrit which is used to address the software for the first smart phone from outside the Google system picks its HIS − the operating system is under development which will replace the operating systems Google for all kinds of devices.

The phone is Onur Bly from the brand of Huawei, as a publication engineer Huawei, who revealed that the company choose a system via the organs of the processor Kirin 970 and the beginning of ONUR Bly.

This is not a big surprise given the history that brings the Huawei parking the role of the Chinese company in the development of the Nexus 6P favorite for many customers of Google. It also has Huawei announced last year its commitment to managing source code via the Gerrit, but didn’t show proof proceed in it until yesterday.

What has been revealed in the publication is that the engineer managed to run the ONUR play on the Zircon -the program director of his – not to mention running any layer of the system via the raw, what indicates that the system is not at the stage of well developed after.

As Onur Bly the first smart phones as a test for his refers to the capacity of Huawei to contribute significantly in the open source project, and may make the company’s Devices processor, Cairns 970 compatible with his future.

Source: 9To5Google

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