Huawei Smart P 2019 — as before, but slightly better

A little over a week I had a chance to use a cheap Huawei Smart P 2019. During this time I studied all of its pitfalls and is willing to talk about some of the pitfalls from Huawei. Not bypass some rather odd bonuses, which the company promises.

When I pulled the smartphone out of the box, I couldn’t shake the feeling that somewhere I’ve seen something like that. Almost immediately I realized that the case in the unification of design and the tactile sensations from all Huawei devices. It’s not bad, it’s just a fact.

The most important external difference between Huawei Smart P 2019 from many other models is the presence of the droplet on the front panel instead of a Bang. If no one will offer something more radical and popular with buyers, this may become a trend.

The main difference from the previous generation P Smart is updated, the processor Kirin Kirin vs 710 659 increased from 3000 mAh to 3400 mAh battery and plastic case, replacing the aluminum. Now it is made in accordance with the General trend of the latest models of Huawei. But unlike the leaders, not from glass.

To notice the performance increase happens only in a more or less serious games or applications. Autonomy is also highly dependent on the usage scenario. But appearance is not a relative concept.

On the official website of a difference in cost of the previous generation and a model 2019 about two thousand rubles. New items valued at 14770 rubles. At the time of preparation of the review a gift offered tracker Huawei Band 2 Pro and the suspension of SunLight. Looks set fairly generously.

From the point of view of security with a smartphone, all right. Is unlock by face, finger or various types of password. The safety case raises more questions as the case is not included, and the case is plastic and usually collects a lot of scratches. In this case, the protective film on the screen in the kit, but stick it myself, it’s just sitting in a box.

Display Huawei Smart P 2019 level with their brethren from Huawei. He’s quality, but the break relative to other models failed. You can not say about the lighting — she is very bright. Even in the sun no problems with it.

The screen resolution is 2340 x 1080 pixels with a density of 415 dots per inch and the diagonal 6.21 inches. Located on top of the camera, hidden in a keyhole. The scope is not very large, but the bottom is considerably larger. But it placed the indicator light.

Photos taken with the main camera, a very decent for their level. She even shoots a little better than the previous P Smart. The resolution is 16 MP. Unlike the main camera, the resolution of the front varies from region to region, but the maximum resolution is 16 MP.

Shot on the main camera Huawei Smart P 2019

Shot on the main camera Huawei Smart P 2019

Shot on the main camera Huawei Smart P 2019

Filmed on the front camera Huawei Smart P 2019

Detail camera not just pleasantly surprised, and even caused some confusion. All the details are very visible, and interference is almost absent, which makes the pictures very beautiful. In the dark there are claims to the noises, but they appear due to the fact that the camera tries to lighten the. If you manually make it darker, you can find a good compromise.

Shot on the main camera Huawei Smart P 2019

Shot on the main camera Huawei Smart P 2019

Shot on the main camera Huawei Smart P 2019

Shot on the main camera Huawei Smart P 2019

Despite a misunderstanding with the main camera, we can say that for the cost of the smartphone makes some of the best photos in the class. The originals can be viewed at this link.

4K video can not be removed. To do this, you should pay attention to is not the more expensive models. But you can shoot full HD at 60 frames per second. To improve the video a special system, but little difference with and without it I didn’t notice. Examples of videos you can watch in the video posted at the beginning of the article.

Internal memory is only 32 GB, but it is possible to use a memory card with up to 512 GB. But RAM average is 3 GB. For daily tasks it is enough, but more demanding users will certainly want 4GB or more.

In the end, I can say that the smartphone is the perfect solution for your money, despite some drawbacks. Plastic tends to scratch, case included no, but the battery is impressive and the camera is very decent.

If you compare with the previous generation and ask, what to choose, I would definitely answer that the model 2019. The price difference is small, but on-Board more productivity and autonomy. Thus, if aluminum like most, should pay attention to the previous model because it costs 2,000 cheaper. Gifts to cover the difference in cost, but the question is how much they need.

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