Huawei revealed design shortcomings of the iPhone XR

That display iPhone frame XR will be thicker than the iPhone XS and XS Max, was known before the presentation apparatus. Because of the structural characteristics of the LCD matrix, which is used in the production of 6.1-inch model, the manufacturer was forced to sacrifice its visual appeal. But as it turned out, the frame was not the only victim and Apple had to make a notch in the top of the iPhone display XR almost a third more than the iPhone XS Max, despite the lower diagonal.

Such valuable information before the start of sales iPhone Huawei XR revealed at the event dedicated to the release of the Huawei Mate 20. The company representatives showed the audience a slide presentation, which compared the thickness of the part and the recess is brand new with the decisions of its main competitor. The image shows that the thickness of a part of the iPhone XS Max equal to 4 mm, and the size of the recess — 34.5 mm, while the iPhone XR frame is thicker by 1.1 mm, and the “visor” long by 0.6 mm.

The notch in the display of the iPhone XR

But the most interesting thing in this situation, not even where Huawei appeared so valuable, and why the notch in the display of the iPhone XR was even more than the 6.5-inch smartphone. Does this mean that hardware face recognition, which is equipped with a conventionally available model 2018, has a different set of components than the rest of the Apple? Probably not, and the reason for the increase in size of the indentations lies in the design features the same LCD matrix, which the manufacturer had to make frames for “bangs”.

iPhone XR — best smartphone of 2018

Whatever it was, iPhone, XR, in my opinion, remains the most attractive smartphone Apple 2018. Despite lower-tech appearance than the iPhone XS or XS Max, XR is able to offer users comparable to flagship solutions feature set, reasonable price and attractive color of the case.

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