Huawei revealed a smartphone with a hole instead of the cut

Jackson Yee

The screen recess is one of the least favorite users trends. But it has become necessary in full-screen smartphones to place components, which previously had a place in the upper frame of the mobile device. Many users are waiting for the announcements of smart phones, which will remain almost frameless design, but there is no cutout in the display. And this mobile device has been shown by the company Huawei, the second after Samsung, but before Apple, the place for the supply of smartphones in the global market.

It is believed that the device of the leading provider of smart phones in the global market, the company Samsung will debut the hole in the screen. However, the public display of this smartphone pleased with the second market leader in devices in this category is Huawei. In the Network appeared again image, which is a novelty. It can be one of the first devices in the new trend of the mobile industry. More another message Huawei Nova 4 was seen in the picture note record layer Joshua (Joshua Swingle) on the resource page Image clear enough to get an idea about the product.

Huawei showed Nova 4 smartphone with a hole in the display

Huawei показала смартфон с отверстием вместо выреза

In celebration of the eighteenth birthday Chinese singer of Yi Jackson (Jackson Yee), Huawei has opted to show its upcoming smartphone. As expected, the Nova 4 you will find a use little otverstie the screen is designed for selfie-camera. It is located in the upper left corner of the smartphone display and, thus, need not popular with the users of the recess anymore. Although the steel frame is very thin and shows the design is a significant step forward compared to most of the smart phones in 2018, the lower frame is still quite noticeable.

Huawei показала смартфон с отверстием вместо выреза

The design of the rear panel Huawei Nova 4 still remains a mystery. However, it is expected to be similar to that known to the users of Huawei P20 Pro.

Huawei показала смартфон с отверстием вместо выреза

It is expected that Huawei Nova 4 debuts in China on 12 December 2018. Shortly after this there will be the release of smart phone on the Chinese market. On the world market the novelty will appear no earlier than 2019.

Discuss Huawei Nova 4 and a new trend — the holes in the screen — readers can in the Telegram chat.

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