Huawei reveal the specifications of the phone Mate Xs

Announced Huawei provide her phone rollaway Mate X China beginning from the mid November.. and it seems that the company is confident of the degree of processing of a stronger version of it available in the early 2020.

Will be available Huawei phone rollaway in China under the name of Mate X 5G signal in support of the networks of the fifth generation, to be the rest of the specs are the same known for the treatment of initial.

And Huawei’s use of the material polyimide double layer to enhance the flexibility of the screen by 40%, also confirmed that the Joint no slots in reference to the problems experienced by the phone Galaxy Fold.

Will be available Mate X 5G, China, on November 15 at a price equivalent to 2400$. That comes with a processor Kirin 980 user the first time in close to 20 of 2018; because the development of the phone under a long time.

The Mate Xs which confirmed that Huawei launched in March 2020, and will come with a processor Kirin 990 the most powerful of Huawei. It will include some updates.

Predicted to be Mate X 5G is equipped with the services of Google-style series Mate 30, and perhaps that would be the Case Mate Xs also.

Specification Mate X 5G:

• Screen 6.6 inch dimensions 19.5:9 “rectangular” to put the phone.
• The screen of the 8 inch dimensions of the 8:7.1 “Square” to put the tablet.
• Processor Kirin 980.
• RAM 8 GB + storage 512 GB.
• Main camera 40 MP + close to 8 megapixel + wide so the 16-megapixel camera + camera ToF.
• Battery 4500 mAh supports charging read speed at 55 watts.
• Support of networks of the fifth generation.

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