Huawei reveal the number of its shipments of handsets by 2019

Huawei unveiled on Wednesday on the number of its shipments of smart phones since the beginning of 2019, current, and dance that Huawei is still doing well, despite American sanctions imposed on it.

He said the Chinese company – which is now ranked third in smartphone market behind its rival Korean Samsung – in a tweet via the Account section of mobile devices: “I’ve just passed 200 million of shipments in the year 2019”. The company added that it surpassed last year in 64 days. She expressed her thanks and appreciation for all of their support.

Come tweet Huawei in conjunction with its announcement about opening the door to pre-order on her smart phone rollaway (dead X) Mate X in China, where intensified marketing in the country to offset the weakness of its sales globally in the shadow of U.S. sanctions.

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And Washington that Huawei, which is also the world’s largest telecom equipment maker – pose a risk to national security because Beijing may use its equipment to spy – which is denied by the police repeatedly. However, the ban was to mean that Huawei won’t be able to license the latest version of the Android operating system belonging to Google, as well as the company’s services, and apps, which forced the police to launch phones (dead 30) Mate 30 last month without Google applications and services.

Referred to to what shipped by Huawei in the year 2019 of the smart phones was very much in China, where the company has become very popular there are motives of national, as it is believed that Washington is targeting Huawei in particular war their trade with China.

However, the CEO of Huawei (Richard day) earlier that the company use the low of 10% in its annual revenue from the consumer products.

This; the Huawei the beginning of the month of October/October: it’s sold one million units of her new smart phone (dead 30) Mate 30, during a few hours after being put up for sale in China.

Led to the embargo imposed by the US government on Huawei, because of the Prevention of deal with Google to put the phone (dead 30) – which was announced in the month of September the past – in a difficult situation, especially that the phone is deprived of the services, and Google apps.

Although the Chinese company announced on my phone (dead 30), and(dead 30 pro) in the German city of Munich, and revealed the price of them in the European market, but the launch date outside of China is not known yet, it is likely that Huawei hopes to solve the problems before putting it in the global markets, with no hope for the phone success without services, and Google apps.

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