Huawei reveal the hours GT-Active and GT Elegant at a starting price of 229 euros

Revealed the latest versions of Huawei smart watches in its conference held recently, where all of the hours GT-Active and GT Elegant.

Huawei Watch GT Active

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Come H GT Active Smart size of 46 mm which is the same size possible for the previous version GT Classic, while the Huawei H GT Elegant framed ceramic tiles.

Come H GT Active smartphone with AMOLED screen size of 1.39-inch quality HD display and accurately 454 in the 454 Pixels, also comes hours Elegant screen AMOLED featured with multi-touch and a 1.2-inch quality HD display and accuracy 390 in 390 pixels.

I have confirmed Huawei in its official hours on the clock Active support of the user until the two weeks of charging, while the battery can Hours Elegant to use even just one week.

Huawei Watch Elegant

It is planned to support all of the hours my GT-Active and GT Elegant follow-up to the user during sleep, and also in the exercise, with the advantage of a heart rate monitor.

Also apply H GT Elegant in black and white, while others apply H GT Active colors orange, green, dark, as confirmed by Huawei to provide more laces in varied colors.

Also supports idea Huawei Smart Watch operating system Lite OS of Huawei, also available H Elegant and smart at a price of 229 euros in Europe, while the hour is coming GT Active at a price of 249 euros.


I know of

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