Huawei reveal the bracelet Band 4 screen color and the price starts from $ 30

Revealed the Chinese giant today for the bracelet Band 4, featuring a colorful with USB-A company, which is available for sale in the Chinese market starting from the first of November at a price of $ 30 almost.

Featuring a bracelet Band 4 TFT screen colorful curved size 0.96 opens 2.5 D, and accurately display 160 at 80 pixels, which support display of date and time information, and data to track sports activities, with app notifications.

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It is planned to support the bracelet Band 4 monitor the status of the user during sleep, with track the user in the various sport activities of the car, jogging, riding a bicycle, it also features with a water resistance depth of 50 meters, and also supports to synchronize information with devices running Android 4.4 or later versions, or iOS 9.0 and later versions.

Slip the bracelet Honor Band 4 with three choices in colors are red and black besides the color pink, it also supports connection with Bluetooth 4.2.

Also called a bracelet Band 4 battery capacity of 91 mAh to the age of the shipping from 7 to 9 days, featuring a bracelet with the USB-A company, which supports a call the bracelet’s USB port-A directly to the company.

Bracelet Band 4 is available now in the market of Indonesia at the price of $ 32 Thailand at the price of $ 35, as applicable on the first of November in the Chinese market at a price of $ 30 only.


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