Huawei reveal the base shipping 12000 mAh capacity 40W

Newest base company with a battery of 12,000 mAh and as much as 40W revealed by the Chinese giant Huawei at the events of the conference, which was held recently, with USB ports.

Huawei introduces 12,000 mAh power bank

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Come base Free Shipping new Huawei capacity of 12000 mAh in the battery with the help of two rate of charging 40W, also includes a charging base, two USB ports, with USB port A which provides the ability of 40W, with fast-charging technology is compatible only with devices that support this technology to take advantage of the Quick Charge feature.

Also includes charging base USB-C port that supports fast charging for other devices that don’t come back of Huawei, and come charging right-to run with the LED lighting.

Confirm Huawei that the charging base can support charging for Huawei P30 Pro in just 30 minutes by 70%, with the capacity of the charger 40W, on the other hand, can be charged the base shipping 12000 mAh fully in two hours and 14 minutes, with the charger the capacity of 40W, or 5 hours when charging charger 10W.

Charging base Huawei comes with a weight of 227 grams, also available in white and blue, that apply to the markets at a price of 99 euros.


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