Huawei renewal denied violation of any irregularities after the indictment of American

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The company renewed the Huawei denied the accusations made by the US authorities, including violation of U.S. sanctions on Iran and steal the trade secrets of a business partner dollars.

The number of international media has published a couple of days ago that the US authorities revealed the list of allegations against the Chinese company Huawei, accusing it of violating U.S. sanctions on Iran, theft of trade secrets from business partner dollars.

And Huawei, which is the largest producer of communications equipment in the world, that these allegations put in the picture frame of the negative is the violation of the company’s ongoing to US laws, and transactions of global business.

He said the Chinese company said in a statement: “looks like Huawei is disappointed to learn her list of accusations made against him by the US authorities, especially since Huawei tried so hard after the arrest of the director of Finance Ms. Ming to get a chance to seriously discuss the investigations of the eastern sector in New York with the U.S. Department of justice, but the request was rejected without any explanation”.

Added Huawei: “Huawei that the allegations related to charges of theft of trade secrets in the eastern sector in Washington was basically the subject of the lawsuit has been settled between the parties on the basis that a jury in Seattle is not available to prove any damage or hurtful behavior multi-linked to alleged theft of trade secrets, the subject of the proceedings”.

And Huawei denied it do by itself or through any of its subsidiaries or affiliates to commit any of the violations of U.S. law contained in the accusations, and that the company manage to do with any illegal practices carried out by the director of Finance Ms. Ming, believes that the courts of the United States of America will result the same.

The gate Arab News Technical Huawei renewal denied violation of any irregularities after the indictment of American

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