Huawei reaffirms its plans to launch a smart phone retractable in the year 2019


Expected to a large extent that say Samsung unveiling its smartphone folding later this year, or at least share some details about the device. However, the Samsung is not alone that want to explore the concept of smart phones folding because we heard last time that the company Lenovo is planning something, it was said that it is working with LG on a tablet convertible.

And now it seems that Huawei wanted to throw her hat in the ring, because Mr. Richard Yu, who is chief executive of the Department of consumer products at Huawei, he reiterated that the company has plans to launch a foldable phone in the year 2019. And, apparently, this phone won’t be folding, but will pay the 5G also.

This was in line with the comments made by Mr. Richard Yu recently with comments made by CEO of Huawei, Mr. Ken Hu in last month when he said that the first smart phone that supports 5G of the company will also be foldable, and it may be up by June of next year. At the present time, we still have to wait before we judge on smartphones folding, although it as a concept looks very promising.

After all, who hates the idea of getting a smart phone it can be extended to a tablet device, isn’t it? However, it remains to be seen whether such a device is practical and whether there will be any sacrifice on the level of World Trade, but in both cases, it seems that the year 2019 will be the birthday of a new type of smart phones.


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