Huawei reach sales of 200 million smartphones by the end of 2018 week

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هواوي تصل الى مبيعات 200 مليون هاتف ذكي قبل نهاية 2018 باسبوعHuawei reach sales of 200 million smartphones by the end of 2018 week

Huawei reach sales of 200 million smartphones by the end of 2018 week

Huawei continues to crawl towards its goal stated a while ago, which is the top of the companies which sells smartphones around the world, in the second and third quarter of the current year succeeded Huawei in the achievement of a significant part of its goal to displace Apple from the center of the runner up and its directly behind the Samsung, waiting to pounce on the Korean giant.

The company expects to achieve a historic achievement sales volume of 200 million units during the current year 2018 by December 25 th, this figure includes sales of Huawei and arm a new honor, the phones were shipped around the world this year alone, up from “only ” 153 million units or so in 2017.

The company has announced it had cut half of this route last July to announce the arrival of sales in 2018 to 100 million units .

Supports site Huawei digitally to the sizes of the second-quarter shipments of Samsung fell by approximately 13 per cent compared to last year, while numbers of the Apple TV fixed in another time frame from July to September.

At the same time, it is not clear whether Huawei is able to bypass Apple when it is calculating the total sales of smartphones in 2018, but analysts expect that the decline of sales of iPhones in the year 2019, which will make it easy for Huawei to win in the next year a silver medal … to say the least.

In the end, for all this success, the world has witnessed the current 2018 one research study of Huawei, where he began the general prohibition of fully sell its phones in the United States , because of the trade war US-China, a war that saw its peak at the end of the year, with the arrest of finance director of the company , and president of the company at the same time, in Canada, on the sidelines of the issues related to dealing with Iran, which the United States.

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