Huawei prohibits the application of the car from the third party

He says most of the phone manufacturers using their own over the Android operating system, which is why many users say using apps car of the third party to customize the interface as they like, but it seems that Huawei intends to ban such applications on the interface EMUI 9, as announced via their forum.

Huawei EMUI 9

Huawei EMUI 9

Interpreted company this step as I got complaints for many users, related to the emergence of various problems when they attempt to use the application Line, external, so to maintain the user experience, will be banned completely.

As hinted Huawei because most of the apps line full software pre-installed, which lead to influence the performance of the phone, including can sometimes influence the temperature of the phone also because of the high consumption of energy, adding used to compromise user privacy through a lot of annoying ads.

This in the light of all that, would version 9, the latest interface EMUI to prevent users from setting application Line, external as an option by default.

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