Huawei prepares to launch first foldable phone support 5G

A desire to assault the throne of the smart phone industry at the expense of Samsung, revealed Huawei’s intention to launch her phone, folding mobile phones support networks of the fifth generation, the beginning of the Mobile World Congress held late next February.

During today’s conference in China, said Richard Yu, head of consumer electronics, that Huawei will review the first foldable phone with support of networks of the fifth generation at the Mobile World Congress, to be commercially available after that two months to say the least.

Has developed Huawei modem Balong 5000 to support the fifth-generation networks to their phones, where they can slide to work on smart phones with a processor Kirin 980. Add support for a lot of electronic devices. Even cars, which supports the education connection V2X, which allows connected car with some.

You Huawei the modem Balong 5000 is the first global support infrastructure of the different networks of the fifth generation, also supports the education networks 2G 3G and 4G on the same chip. It can theoretically be up to speed download 4.6 get the second on the fifth-generation networks, and 6.5 set the second on the waves limit.

Yet our vision is a prototype of the Samsung folding late 2018, with the suspense of Samsung and Lenovo share, and today Huawei, it seems that the Mobile World Congress held between 25 to 28 February will be happened to flip phones.

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