Huawei postpone the launch Mate X recognizes the error display ads in the interface of its phones

Confirmed the spokesman for Huawei to postpone the launch of the telephone company rollaway Mate X until the month of September, to keep the launch date of the phone in the market of Canada is unchanged, by the last admitted Huawei also recently the error that the company in display ads in the screen from closing on its smart phones.
I didn’t start the competition on the ground in the smartphone market, folding up to now, despite the passage of so much time on the advertising about all of the phone Korean giant’s Galaxy Fold phone Huawei Mate X, but both phones up to the market and users actively until now.

And Huawei in the footsteps of Samsung to postpone the launch date of the phone by folding until the month of September, according to the statements of the official spokesperson of the company, as confirmed by other statements later from Huawei Canada on the launch date Mate X in Canada still exists until now, which was pointed out earlier also from Mobile Syrup that it will be during the last quarter of 2019.

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So in the end, will the phone officially in the global markets during the month of September, after plans were Huawei first to launch the phone in June, where he gave the Wall Street Journal that the delay to the desire of Huawei in the to ensure the quality and efficiency of the screen of the phone Mate X before the official launch in the markets, to avoid the problems of the new screens folding which already appeared in the units of inspection for the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Recall that the phone Mate X applies to the markets at a price of $ 2600, where comes this version of the design, folding and support networks of the fifth generation.

Also with the attempts of the Chinese giant to avoid the emergence of problems in her phone rollaway particularly with the problems of the ban which pass by the company at the present time, however, the keenness of the company, Huawei didn’t stop her from making a mistake the last to versions previous of its smart phones.

It was a lot of complaints from users of the Huawei phones have been recorded in the recent period as a result of the appearance of ads in the interface of the phones or on the screen in the closed position, where the monitoring of the first complaints in the 12 of June in the United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa, and many other areas, where appear the words in screen lock for smart phones.

The Huawei formal apology to the users of Huawei phones smart, explaining a great mistake on the company’s inclusion of ads in the screen air-tight, as the face of the users of how to remove the ads from the interface as follows:

  • When the appearance of the image containing the ad on the screen of the phone will be on the user scrolling from the bottom edge of the screen to the top to show the list of tools operating
  • Click on the Delete button and then choose Remove when you receive the pop-up window for sure.


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