Huawei phones are approaching the loss of Android updates and Google

Reuters reported Sunday that the company Google has suspended its business that require the transfer of the products of this software company with Huawei; except those covered by the licenses are open source, so in a blow to the Chinese, after the inclusion by the United States government to its list of commercial black.

In this step, you will lose Huawei immediately have access to updates of the operating system Android, as do smart phones, the future that is sold outside of China access to applications, services common to the Android platform, including: Google Play Store, the application e-mail service Gmail.

According to Reuters, the details determine the services that will prevent from Huawei is still under discussion within Google. A spokesman said the company Huawei on Friday: the company Huawei are also studying the effect of the actions of the US Department of Commerce.

Even with the new decision by Google, however, Huawei will continue to have access to a version of the Android operating system available through open license source, which makes the system available to everyone who wishes to use it. A source said: Google will stop providing any technical support, or suffer in respect of services Android and Google.

And Washington last Thursday, Huawei – which is one of the largest and most successful companies in China – to its list of commercial Black, which is difficult for Huawei to deal with American companies, a decision which had been criticized by China, she said it would take steps to protect their companies.

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Come developments surrounding the company Huawei in a time of strain of business between Washington and Beijing, amid concerns by the United States that China had used smart phones and network devices of Huawei in spying on Americans, an allegations denied by the company over and over again.

He was the founder of the Huawei company and its CEO (Ren one) said on Tuesday night: the growth of the giant Chinese technique “may be slowing, but a little bit” because of the US restrictions last.

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