Huawei phone Mate X will be released to market next month

For many reasons Huawei announced the postponement of putting the phone Mate X more than once to the divorce, the most important reason according to the permits of the company is to get the phone into the hands of consumers with the best quality.

Maybe the company was want to get a head start and priority of the interests in the divorce, but when she saw what happened with the Samsung Galaxy Fuld preferred to avoid scandals and to ensure the best possible experience for consumers.

Anyway, after all the hype back CEO of Huawei Richard Yu with media people to assure that the company began asking the phone right now, but I preferred to wait for two reasons, the first is the spread of more than 5G and the second is to get the support of more developers.

Also sure Richard Yu said that the phone will probably be increased by two, the first coming with a processor Kirin 980 and you will get a new processor Kirin 990 and of course the two versions support 5G but the upgraded version may download hardware better such as memory UFS 3.0, complete and up-to-date in addition to the fast charging technology the latest.

If it appears that the countdown has started, and revolutionary devices to the network Flex will be launched starting from September with the Galaxy Fuld down to the coming October with a dead X.


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