Huawei phone Mate 30 Lite may be the first smart phone running Harmon

Announced the Chinese company Huawei recently announced its own operating system in the name Harmon, which will be dedicated to smart phones, tablets, and smart cars and more, where this system is the emergency plan of the Chinese company in case it was preventing her from using the Android system because of U.S. sanctions.

Has been reported recently that the company is working on the launch of the new smartphone by the end of this year, which will be run by Harmon new, this report also that the price of the smartphone will be low by about 2000 Chinese Yuan Renminbi equivalent of US $ 300.

The report pointed out that the phone may be Mate30 Lite high, which will come screen size 6.26 inch, is expected to include a rear camera quad design box, you will see the camera basic accurately 48 maps and secondary with 8 maps, and the sensor of the camera accurately 2 maps.

The phone will be running Kirin 810 eight-core, in addition to the random memory 6 gigabytes of RAM and internal storage of 128 gigabytes, will be available by other memory random 8 gigabytes of RAM and storage 256 gigabytes, while the battery will be the size of 3900 mAh.

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