Huawei phone dead 30 pro easy to fix, according to iFixit team

IFixit team famous to dismantle the phones for the internal blocks and the method of their collection in addition to test the vulnerability of any device and has published a new report about the Huawei flagship Dead 30 pro.

Hand amenable to reform, the phone got 5 of 10 this means it’s easy to fix, relatively compared to most current smart phones that has become the process of reform difficult and complicated, it also refers to the site itself .

In detail, the dead phone 30 Pro features when the reform that you can install each piece separately, too easy to unscrew the screws, also you can replace the battery much faster once you unscrew the back cover and remove some of the internal wiring and components that need a lot of work.

Hand screen repair it is a good possibility of replacing the damaged screen without having to take out the battery, but you should be very careful because the glass front and rear is very sensitive and easily breakable and this creates a lot of suffering.


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