Huawei P30 will come with a newer version of the processor Kirin

Link processor Kirin 980 flagship with phones dead 20 a few months ago, but the May launch of Huawei’s flagship another closer than usual with a lineup of phones leading P30.

Comes this news of Mishal Rahman, editor of the XDA Developers, where he confirmed that the name of the new processor is a Kirin 985; and on what looks like it will be updating the light from Kirin 980.

Recall that the last time Huawei made an updated version of the policy key in 2016 where he came Kirin 955 with phone P9 after that came Dead 8 processor Kirin 950, was the biggest difference between therapists is the maximum speed which rose from 2.3 right to 2.5 right.

I didn’t mention any details about the Kirin 985 in name only, however we expect that doesn’t add much compared to the processor Kirin 980 but will add it noticeable enough to launch the new name on the processor.

This is expected to reach a selection of Huawei P30 in March next, to come up with a new design to monitor his leaks before.

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