Huawei P30 Pro gets put video Double

Over the past few days, I got the Huawei P30 Pro to challenge the speakers, one focused on improving trade in general, and the other brings a new mode for the camera.

The first update has arrived for users in India by about 5 days, reported Huawei it brings improvements on the shooting mode Night Visitors hacks speed and accuracy of the reader footprint.

Description the second update yesterday evening for users in China, on behalf of the EMUI, came with the filming of the video-Double, along with the security patch for the month of April.

Speaking of the design development of the new “Dual View”, it says to record a video via camera main camera person, and merge them along with the video one. Also comes the recent update associated with circulated around the world during the days of the improvements on the development Porter, namely “improving the isolation of the background”.

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