Huawei P30 Pro gets its first update, brings with it enhancements to the camera and

Huawei P30 Pro Camera

The Huawei slide the curtain officially on phone Huawei P30 Pro along with Huawei P30 at the press conference held earlier this week in the French capital Paris. Although he didn’t go to detect the phone only a few days, it has already received the first update.

This update carries the Brown No. and its size more than 400 MB a little. This update mainly comes to improve the performance of camera phone for Huawei P30 Pro in some scenarios, as it provides a solution to the problem of lead to stop the audio and video synchronization during playback of videos Instagram recorded in hands-free mode. Of course, this update brings with it more improvements to the performance and stability of the operating system in the phone.

As we have mentioned in the beginning of the article, it was a formal unveiling on phone Huawei P30 Pro just a few days ago, and in the case if you want to know more details about this phone, we suggest you take a look at this article detailed here.

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