Huawei P20 Plus.. a new series and a battery of 4000 mAh

It seems that Huawei will be released this year phones no less distinguished for their versions in 2017, as we have seen a large range of phones in series Huawei what the series Huawei phones leading this year will be on behalf of Huawei 20 Huawei P20.

The company has announced released series phones Huawei 20 Huawei P20, it is expected to include a series of three phones will be P20, and P20 Lite, and P20 plus or pro, not out a formal announcement but is expected to come versions as presented by the company Huawei last year provided a series phones Mate 10, and phones P10, although the expansion of the number of versions early, but expectations will not end before the official announcement.

The official announcement of the series phones Huawei P20 new:

As stated in the official announcement of Huawei, the starting safety of the new Huawei P20 will be on March 27 Next, you will place all of the French capital Paris, will be announced officially about the phone specifications the main group which phone Huawei P20 Plus, there is no news yet about the date of the announcement of the rest of the versions of the series, but in any case will be announced sequentially.

And try from the company for the attention of the world market towards the phones before they come to market, the company announced the specification of a few of her new phone, all of a sudden in its announcement of the phone Huawei P20 Plus it comes with a battery with a large capacity would be its battery capacity of 4000 mAh, will screen feature always on, and it is similar phones Samsung Galaxy 8 which released last year supported that property.

Where features of this property that all notifications and messages received by the phone will appear on the screen even when you close the screen, a feature preferred by many users of the phones.

The difference between phone Huawei P20 Plus and P10 Plus:

Until now I didn’t come to any phone for Huawei holds the property of continuous operation of the company only the phone Mate 10 Pro, as it is also battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh, what to make of some of the views heading to considered Huawei, the new extension of the Huawei Mate, but no point out that such rumors are about the phone, especially since it didn’t show any signs of about the rest of the specs and the Supports of operating systems and processing.

On the other hand, there are views of the saw in the new phone update for the old P10 that has already been released in 2017, but there is a clear difference even now, the old did not support operating the Permanent company, and that the phone’s battery P10 Plus came with a capacity of 3750 mAh, this opportunity is available from the specification up to now, but what should you look around right now is the Screen Type that will support this feature, processor and operating which will provide the efficiency and performance of the phone.

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