Huawei P Smart Plus is inexpensive smartphone, which is difficult to find fault. But it is possible!

Finally, we live in a time when it is no compunction to buy a mid-level smartphone and to feel like a man, feeling though not all, but most of the virtues of technological progress. One of the best budget smartphones in 2018 I can safely call Huawei P Smart+, which costs only $ 280 or 8K UAH!

I must say that I smartphone like, and you should not accuse me of advertising, it is my personal opinion. It is not without flaws, but overall – this is definitely one of the leaders in the segment, and today I’ll explain why.

Start with appearance, than in the middle and budget segments almost always save. Here the materials and Assembly without the slightest exaggeration flagship. Metal frame and glass on both sides creates a pleasant feeling of expense. Despite the display, the smartphone is quite comfortable in the hand, the hand I have big. If the dimensions you may have questions, I tentatively recommend to go to the store and look at the P Smart Plus live.

I especially want to mention the gradient, which has become a feature of Huawei, he then from purple to blue, glass lid it gives a beautiful glare in the light. I’m not a fan of any eye candy, but it’s a decision I still P20 Pro sunk into the soul and really like it, it’s cool that this color is not only a feature of expensive smartphones.

The design and quality of materials qualitatively distinguish this model among dozens of competitors. I really like that rear all the elements are placed not just to let go and simply, then the radii of cameras and housings out of a single center, and labels the cell block and flash on the same line, and the scanner is inserted where the finger is looking for. Control keys on the right side, and they are also very pleasant to the touch. In an expensive and high quality. I am glad that there is a socket for the usual headphones, but the second slot for a SIM card though, but it hybrid, combined with a slot for a memory card.

From small minuses – trend design 2018. I’m talking about bangs. Some people like it, some don’t. But the thin frame is a plus, but MicroUSB – this is pure marketing, because if you have all the advantages of the device, the company is confident that it will be sold and with this connector, because an ordinary person, not a geek, it will pay attention in the least. But I will say that in this price segment, you can find a smartphone with Type-C.

Oh and one more thing – the sound from the speaker, though he is pretty high quality, but not stereo and relatively quiet. And if the stereo in this smartphone there, and it can not be considered a minus, because in the other classmates it was not delivered, the volume could be more. Well, the most painful thing for me – no NFC. No need schimit me, saying that I cling to that, I use mobile payments in 90% of cases and that’s it.


Then I often talk about the display, camera, but this time go straight to the performance, because one of the main pieces of this smartphone a new processor and GPU Turbo.

First I want to praise Huawei, because they develop their chips, which we all win. Because competition is the best thing in the world! If not, nothing ever is going to develop! And this, of course, applies not only to technology. Now just imagine a great channel on YouTube which no one can compete with. All advertisers and so, to get anything — not a problem, the loot goes. But if on the horizon there is a competitor that is able to squeeze you part of customers, some hits, and even the content had better – and then begins development after the stagnation 🙂 So here, Huawei has an incentive to make their smartphones better than the other, including productivity and others also do not want to fall behind.

Yes, at that stage of the Kirin’s were not leaders in their niches, and it is logical, because the need to compete with those who are already long on the market. But now let’s look at the last generation. 970 model was the first with AI. What now? All this intelligence was needed. A 980-th Kirin, for me, was the most interesting new IFA 2018, I really want to live to see how the stated algorithms, when a person is almost rialtaym you can cut from one location and paste to another, and it’s not about photos, but about the video!!! About 980 th, you can watch the video here:

In Huawei P Smart Plus installed a new processor the average Kirin 710. This is an 8-core chip working at a clock frequency of 2.2 GHz, there is also a module AI NPU, and it is energy efficient. And in this mobile – not just words, but I’ll get to that later.


Graphics – Mali-G51 MP4, and let’s be honest, gaming performance was never a strong point of the system Kirin. And, if the speed of the interface, different apps and mobile in General, including film, music, communication, problem not there, then the games needed to change something. And Huawei has introduced a GPU-based Turbo. It’s not hardvera revision, it is optimization, but the right one. That is, we are not talking about the simple graphics acceleration in games, it’s about the fact that the complex games that support work with this technology are stable and with better performance than without the support. Yet to see the results on the two games: PUBG Mobile and Mobile Legends. One and other, I like the second even I would get stuck and nailed with the guys for bro gaming knight by planting batteries of smartphones to zero several times per night. It’s demanding on hardware games and they go easy on the smartphone for $ 300! And Legends Mobile without any cuts and with the maximum fps you can play exactly the same as flagship smartphones. PUBG is the default medium graphics settings, but this game is more demanding. Even so, sometimes there microfreeze, but overall it’s more than love it. And that’s really cool.

GPU Turbo, according to the manufacturer, I check, unfortunately, can not, improves performance in graphics heavy programs and games for 60% and energy consumption at the same time reduced by 30%. That is, in games, the battery will no longer fly. In short, it’s like a turbine for internal combustion engine – iron the same, but possibly more 🙂 of Course, these games are not the end, I rocked the old and installed the tanks, the ninth asphalt and I can say that playing P Smart + easy. And update the smartphone to Android with EMUI 9 9.0 GPU Turbo is upgraded to the second version and will support the 33 games!


Now about the camera. Four of them, and it’s too small the trend! The main 16 MP with aperture of 2.2 and the second 2 MP for portrait mode. Front same 24 MP fortelka another camera too of 2 megapixels for portrait mode.

The photo quality is good on average, you can take pictures, but camera phone smartphone will not be called. In comparison with classmates P Smart Plus is between Xiaomi Mi A2, which photographs better, and ASUS ZenFone Max M1 Pro, which is slightly inferior. Here are some comparative photos of these smartphones.

Videos are recorded at a maximum resolution of Full HD with the frame rate to 60 per second, 4k no. The app is good and functional, there are Pro-regime, and sound control, and even an augmented reality mode here playable. And local Animagi to watch, and they work adequately, the background frame, the background can be created from any photo, and so on.

Compare smartphones-classmates can be viewed here, there and sample images:


Display 6,3” and, seriously, having a smartphone to the test, I did not think about it. Used as a regular phone, and then boom, I find out that there is 6.3 inches!!! And it’s almost like in Note9, although the smartphone is much more compact, it is thanks to a thin frame.

Matrix – IPS, but the glass is not pressed and even under strong pressure stains do not appear. This is important, especially on a diagonal. Screen resolution Full HD+ 2340 x 1080 pixels, the density per inch – 409, which is very good. Image quality I’m more than happy, it is very pleasant.


It would seem, 3340 mAh is very small for a modern Android smartphone, but, as I said, then the platform energy efficient and autonomy almost always enough for the day. In our test on Checkedd we checked how well the smartphone handles complex tasks, and after running all the standard tests, the smartphone is not only not dead completely, but left the 22% charge, which is good. For example, Xiaomi Mi A2 this test is not passed before the end.

From the obvious drawbacks of this smartphone can note two. One serious for me personally is the lack of NFC for mobile payments, the latter simply affects the usability – vs MicroUSB Type-C But overall this is a good offer to $ 300, especially considering the manufacturer and the design of the smartphone is made not to “let go”.

Video Review Huawei P Smart Plus


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