Huawei officially reveals the smart speaker for Huawei AI Speaker, and 58$


The company Huawei recently held a press conference on the occasion of the launch of the series phones, Huawei Mate 20 Series in China, an event where the company announced the Chinese as well on a new product aimed at the Chinese market. This product is a speaker smart sound the design is reminiscent of many speakers smart sound Apple HomePod, a subsidiary of Apple.

The company announced the Huawei speakers smart another page under the name of Huawei’s AI Cube in the IFA 2018 earlier this year, but the latter was more like speaker smart Google Home, featuring digital assistant Amazon Alexa of the Amazon company which makes it more targeted to Western markets such as Europe, unlike speaker new smartphone Huawei AI Speaker that targets more customers in China, given that it comes with a digital assistant Chinese Xiaoyi.

Has speaker new smart four physical buttons in the upper part in order to mute the sound and increase the sound and reduce the sound and communication. In addition to these buttons, for images new smartphone Huawei AI Speaker technology uses Histen of the company Huawei to tailor your sound with the environment. It should be noted that the Danish brand Dynaudio teamed up with Huawei, the geometry of the image in the new machine. It uses Huawei AI Speaker new amplifier strongly 10W six microphones for voice control. As is the case with Google Home ports, the audio amplifier new smartphone from Huawei, which will interact with members of the family are different from each other by identifying their voice.


Price? Well, the smart speaker for Huawei AI Speaker is not asymptotic at all for the price of smart speaker Apple HomePod 350$ in the United States, the speaker of the new company, Huawei reported 399 Chinese yuan only equivalent to about 58 USD, but it remains to be seen whether the quality of the sound and effectiveness of the digital assistant in your Huawei AI Speaker similar device to Apple HomePod.

We do not believe that this product will come out of the Asian markets, not to mention access to Western countries such as the United States of America, which revealed publicly about her suffering for the products of Huawei.



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