Huawei officially launches the phone P30 Pro and the definition of the smart phone camera

Huawei officially launches the phone P30 Pro and the definition of camera smartphones

Promised to Huawei throughout the last few days preceding the event announcement today on the phone my 30 new pro, promised to live phone definition cameras on smart phones, which looks like it’s already happened.

The phone is impressive as we thought already, will provide you with a full range of the four cameras and the background work together to raise the level of low-light photography zoom, but next cameras good, you can also get the phone by the glass great and the design is metal with some touches of the flowing of the Assembly, in addition to fast performance and battery.

At first here’s the specifications of your model of the phone : Pi 30 Pi 30 pro

Phone me 30 Pro will 4 cameras wallpaper :

  • 40 megapixel girl lens f/1.6
  • 8-megapixel camera phone called the approximation 5 x girl Lens telephoto
  • 20 megapixel ultra Wade girl lens f/2.2
  • Camera to drive off the triple ToF depth

It also has front camera strictly 32-megapixel and lens f/2.0.

The phone can shoot a video with Dual – view video which divide the screen during filming and the appearance of broad public health and community close to the last gift that you make .


Phone battery capacity of 4200 ML amber, with fast charging technology 40-watt that you charge the phone from 0 – 70% in just half an hour .

The phone also supports wireless charging with the speed of 15-watt


Phone me 30 Pro 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage space, its price of 1000 euros, while the version 8 GB Ramat and 256 GB storage space will remain at the price of 1100 euros.

In Hussein been priced phone me 30 regular at 750 euros, and a phone me 30 Lite at 350 euros .

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