Huawei officially announced the headset Freelace wireless

Huawei announced now about the headphones Freelace Wireless which supports the call also via the USB port C, provided by Huawei today diverse colors correspond to a series P30 the new.

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Come hear a Freelace new Huawei with HiPair, which supports wireless connectivity with the phone, or can charge the speaker or connect the speaker to the USB port C in the phone.

Also come hear a Freelace engine size of 9.2 mm, with the advantage of control through either side of the wireless speaker, as the use of Huawei in the manufacture of speaker cable nickel alloy, titanium mixed with silicon, in order to prevent entanglement of the cable, and the user also designs the best.

Headset Freelace support the standards IPX5 resistance to sweating, as well as supporting the sky to reduce the noise of the wind flow of the user better in open spaces, also come for its part, the speaker magnet supports communication on my part the sky in the case of non-use, it also supports for its part the sky challenge at the time of formation of music, or receive calls and end calls.

Huawei confirms that the headset Freelace supports the user’s age charge up to 12 hours of operation in voice calls, or 18 hours of music playback, it also suggests that the speaker is charged for a period of up to 5 minutes can provide the user age of charging up to 4 hours.


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