Huawei Nova 6 will connect to the 5G

According to previous reports intend to Huawei detect about 12 smartphone supports connectivity to networks fifth generation 5G during the next year to 2020, including Huawei phones same plus for brand Honor owned by Huawei.

Reports today talk about the Huawei Nova 6 be the first phone to the average of the Huawei supports communication networks of the fifth generation 5G where this feature is the most important advantages of the device which is expected to be the first phone from Huawei in 2020.

The picture posted shows that the phone will carry the same design of the traditional phones Huawei but with the change in the camera selfie that will continue to form a double inside the screen the same way as phone Galaxy S10 Plus.

Also the picture shows the presence of 4 cameras background including sensor ToF can they insight this means that insight may be on the right side or the inside of the screen as usual.

Even now, there is no source talking about the release date of the phone.


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