Huawei nova 4 shows four colors

Thanks to leaked images of the official conference, we don’t have to wait until December 17 to first look at the HUAWEI nova 4, which will be available in four colors.

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Huawei nova 4

The pictures show the hole the front camera in the screen that talked about the registry, which will be an alternative notation in a lot of phones, 2019.

However, we note the survival of the size of the “chin” of the screen as it is in phones 2018 other than the iPhone X and XS/XS, Max; the likely big chin down the screen of Android phones to the presence of antennas and detectors are included.

Recall that the leaks indicated the existence of two versions of the nova 4 differ in the accuracy of the rear main camera, you’ll be 48 maps in the high-end version and 20 its in the standard version, to be second camera and the second is strictly 16+2 maps.

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