Huawei need to do something with the strange interface EMUI

There is such a smartphone from Huawei, which makes excellent pictures and the name of his Mate 20 Pro. This smartphone you can love for many things, but he has one, in my opinion, the Achilles heel – branded launcher. As you know, this issue is relevant not only to Mate 20 Pro, and in General to all smartphones Huawei, as the shell EMUI she puts on all their devices.

I’ve never used a device known Chinese manufacturer for a long time, but this time curiosity took over. Once again, from the point of view of the photo capabilities Mate 20 Pro satisfies me completely, and in other aspects such as performance, screen, design, battery life, dimensions and so on, it is me too did not disappoint. But EMUI what you are?

The Huawei interface is something strange

Already at first glance EMUI seemed to me not such as all. At first I comforted myself with the fact that maybe this shell is just kind of “ugly duckling” and eventually it will be revealed to me and I will love her for who she is. But it didn’t happen. Despite the many functions and all sorts of convenient “chip” system, for the entire period of use of a smartphone did not leave me feeling that I enjoy some raw and piled Marshmallow Android, which was downloaded from the forums on the Internet.

Although Huawei and tries from year to year to add to EMUI little bit of all functions from iOS and stock Android, their proprietary shell still looks not so hot. If you remember the time when EMUI only came to light, in memory POPs up as well that then the appearance of its interface, many praised, and it was for that. But now 2019, and the software is now one of the most important part – if not the most important – of any modern device. I would even say that now the whole emphasis is on software, not hardware, and in this case I was very surprised that with all its positive sides Mate 20 Pro can causes discomfort, merely one of their program cover.

Although everything I write here is my own opinion and feelings on the use of EMUI, I feel I should provide any evidence in support, or if you like, an excuse, an opinion.

Let’s look at the screenshot above. Yeah, it’s just home screen, EMUI, but let’s try to count how many different styles this is not a small piece of shell was used.

  • Minimalism? Yes, a couple of icons in this style.
  • A skeuomorph? Elementary, my dear Watson, where do without it!
  • Rounded square icons? Right there!
  • Round icons? Why Yes!
  • Icons in the style of “flat”? And not without cost.
  • Blatant rip-off of iOS? Yeah, we see you, the icon of the application settings!

The more you look, the more puzzled. One would assume that the Huawei with my shell just haven’t found myself, but this is nonsense. I don’t know why the company came to the conclusion that you need to do a total redesign of the EMUI, but this whole mishmash of different styles can leave in peace only, perhaps, to whom the appearance of the system he uses every day, do not care. At the time, many blamed Samsung for it too cartoonish and childish style of the icons in One UI, but there are still at least it was balanced all the icons and other user interface elements in the same style and color scheme.

A possible solution

Actually, I think that the software is greatly restricted, the excellent hardware of mobile devices Huawei. From a technical point of view, smartphones can easy to compete with absolutely any device in the mobile market, which they oppose. Unfortunately, as I said, in 2019 alone, the hardware does not go far.

However, all is not lost! Huawei can make a simple trick of its devices immediately become more attractive, and no, we are not talking about stock Android.

All you need to do the Chinese giant to continue to do to compete with competitors is to abandon the EMUI and to develop a new design language. I have one more parallel with the Samsung, but just in this case-is the perfect example. Samsung is a living proof of how a big company can actively listen to their users and to design a user interface that simultaneously feels and looks modern and safe. I still remember the days when the shell TouchWiz was a nightmare for me and for all my friends who had a Samsung smartphone at that time. Now’s the South Koreans are completely different, as in addition to the powerful “hardware” component devices has increased not less powerful, but also beautiful, soft in the face of One UI.

In the end, for such a giant as Huawei to create a new design language and develop a new interface should not be a problem. Moreover, the company has itself stated that it long been moving in this direction and makes its own proprietary mobile OS. The new OS should mean a new interface, so why not add a new interface as app for Android while device companies are working on this system. I very much hope that today’s presentation will show us not only the new smartphones, whose coolness I have no doubt, but completely new software.

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