Huawei might reveal this week about a smart phone full-screen

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هواوي قد تكشف هذا الاسبوع عن هاتف ذكي بشاشة كاملةHuawei might reveal this week about a smart phone full screen

According to a tweet posted on the micro-blogging platform Twitter, it seems that Huawei is planning to launch a new smartphone, we didn’t know his name yet, will be released in France on 17 October.

The picture attached with the tweet , written by the technical editor in one of the sites, reveal the screen without the dialogue by approaching almost 100%, and that’s where the front camera and fingerprint finger will be the bottom of the screen in accordance with the information.

Still Huawei suffers from the security problem in the United States caused the blocking of apps Google us on the phone last dead 30, which revolves around the success of its sales outside China is a big uncertainty .

The phone is expected to ship with a processor Kirin 990 of the production of the Chinese giant, without any extra details we can write about them .

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