Huawei MateBook E 2019 is a laptop hybrid with the processor Snapdragon 850, the system of the Windows 10


The company announced the Huawei quietly laptop new series MateBook at a conference held in the city of Shanghai China. This laptop supports Huawei MateBook E 2019, a laptop hybrid runs Windows 10. But the biggest difference in this laptop new is that the processor uses a Snapdragon 850 instead of Intel processors. And you can watch the video of this incident below :

The laptop is a hybrid somewhere between the iPad Pro and the Surface Pro. It has a backrest built to support the possibility to use it as a tablet or like the intersect laptop with the science that supports networks fourth generation 4G LTE thanks to the built-in processor Snapdragon 850, featuring well card eSIM built, as well as sensor fingerprint in the side.

The rest of the specifications of this laptop hybrid, similar in most specifications of the previous generation of computer MateBook E, it includes a screen QuadHD display size of 12 inches, and the random size of 4GB or 8GB, the internal memory size of 128GB or 256GB, as well as a detachable keyboard, although it is not backlit. Moreover, this laptop hybrid also comes with a stylus for Huawei M-Pen, which is characterized by its ability to sense 2048 levels of pressure.

Is expected to drive the company Huawei launched Huawei MateBook E 2019 new in China at a starting price of the equivalent of $ 595 USD for version which includes 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory. Has not yet disclosed the launch date this situation in the Western markets, including Europe and the United States of America, but you can buy a device already on the website of Huawei Mall of China.

It is still not known whether the computers equipped with the processor Snapdragon 850 is worth this price or not. Regardless of the battery life long lasting, it can run several advanced software including applications 64bit is original because it was designed for those applications with taking a normal computer into consideration.

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