Huawei Mate 10 Pro get technology Face Unlock

هاتف هواوي Mate 10 Pro يحصل على تقنية Face UnlockHuawei Mate 10 Pro get technology Face Unlock

The first smart phone from Huawei processor Kirin 970 unit of processing nervous,, the phone is dead 10 and dead 10 Pro, I got the feature to unlock the phone by fingerprint face Unlock in last update was sent to phone users around the world.

The phone was unveiled in October, was put down early December, and is one of the best Huawei phones leading and best-selling .

The update size is over 700 MB, and to answer this update is improvements to the system to fill in the gaps and correct google it I monthly .

In WOT:: video : Huawei succeed in delivering a dead phone 10 Pro in the tests of self-driving cars

Update in Huawei phone is dead 10 Pro

The update also brought Store apps Huawei as a major in the phone for easy future updates.

After the update you can go to settings of phone – security, adjust the settings of the feature fingerprint of the face, add her as a new security to unlock the phone by identifying the contours of your face .

Technical have been tried by the writer of these lines and works well even in low light.

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