Huawei looking to license the networks of the fifth generation in America

In spite of its prohibition, did not use Huawei and is now in the initial stages of the negotiations on technology licensing contact via a fifth-generation communications companies of America.

I started talks two weeks ago almost expressed a firm interest in a deal with Huawei to whether the form of one payment (no delivery Huawei equipment and training and no sign later) or long term ( Huawei continues to provide support and regular maintenance).

Given the list of private entities at the Ministry of Commerce, the American find the name Huawei means it is prohibited to deal in the United States that if the form of license or transfer of ownership.

See American politicians to Huawei connected with the Chinese government and about her suspicions spy on citizens ‘ calls through their network by planting back doors in.

And techniques of the fifth generation currently Nokia, Ericsson, European two option available to the United States if you don’t want to deal with China’s Huawei, and we have to bear the cost associated with the two companies mentioned.

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