Huawei launches phone Mate X for sale at the end of the month of October

Made giant Chinese phone rollaway Mate X during the events of the conference phone the world at the beginning of this year, and today confirmed Richard Yu to the company’s plans to launch a Mate of X in the market at the end of the month.

Despite the official announcement of the phone Mate X in the beginning of this year, Huawei has postponed the launch of the phone to markets similar to the Samsung folding galaxy fold, which was postponed its release to the markets for most of the time before its launch officially in some markets recently.

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However, a new remark from the CEO of Huawei Richard Yu, confirmed that the phone Mate X will be on sale in markets starting from the end of the month of October, which corresponds with previous leaks indicated that Huawei has started mass production of the phone already.

We have confirmed a previous report of the company Sina Technology on the difficulty of the production of the Huawei rollaway Mate X, which is the reason expected to postpone the launch of the phone, where came the first postponement to ensure the efficiency of the mechanism to open and close the phone, after that you know the units the Samsung some of the problems.

While the second postponement to improve the user experience in the interface of the phone software, to assess the performance of the best when folding or opening the screen, due to the lack of response to some of the Applies mechanism to switch between full screen view or when folding the screen.

Recall that Huawei set the price of 2250 dollars phone Mate X, so with this level associated with the pricing of the phone, you need the Chinese giant to offer a distinctive experience in this version correspond with the level of pricing.


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